Le Rive del Prosecco

The “Rive”, the banks, are one of the best parts of the terroir of DOCG Prosecco Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. The DOCG protocols state that wines producted in this area may be exclusively appealed as “DOCG Prosecco – Rive”, because of their specific and unique features of orientation to sun, soil, difficulty of production, and, definitely, quality of the grapes.


Driving along the Rive from Valdobbiadene to Col San Martino


Among the many roads that drives you in a fantastic scenery of hills covered by vineyards, today we drove along Colbertaldo, where you can find one of these nice Osteria.

Osterias spreaded along the Rive terroir

You’ll hardly do wrong if you stop when the slate table outside warns clients “Today spiedo”: spiedo, the meat roasted on the spit. This is a tradition in the area of DOCG Prosecco: the spit is composed by pork and chicken and is turned on the fireplace for hours. The result is a tender meat served with polenta and roasted potateos.


In these places you’d dare to ask for local “white wine” instead of an official bottle of DOCG Prosecco, because, as the countrymen use to say, “from a stable of cows you’ll definitely find out milk”: an unofficial Prosecco may be sometimes a nice discover.


Driving ahead, to the villages around Valdobbiadene gives you some of the best views of the DOCG Prosecco area, looking the Piave river valley, and the long flat hill of Montello.

Just twenty kilometers far, the other DOCG Prosecco Montello e Colli Asolani starts right from the Montello and invites you to discover this less known area with its many cultural and naturalistic treasures.

But our trip continues along the Rive, toward Combai and Miane, with nice views of this upper part of the DOCG Prosecco area.

The ancient bell tower of Miane looking the forest of chestnut trees on the foot of Mount Cesen

This tour has its noble ending to the Abbey of Follina.



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