From Vicenza to Virginia linking Palladio to Jefferson

The famous architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) was closely bound up with the region he came from, the Veneto. While Padua was the city where he was born, Venice gave him the best locations for his magnificent churches. Treviso offered him the stunning hilly landscape for his most acclaimed countryside “Villas”, while in Vicenza he found powerful patrons, considerable opportunities, generous clients and the urban dimension … Continue reading From Vicenza to Virginia linking Palladio to Jefferson

Misty Prosecco, foggy Treviso

Treviso is the capital of the Province where the best Prosecco vineyards are located. The town is just 25 miles far from Venice and the influence of the “Serenissima” domination is evident in the narrow streets paved with stones and the canals of the two rivers, the Sile and the Cagnan. Even in a winter night walking in this nice town may be surprisingly pleasant. … Continue reading Misty Prosecco, foggy Treviso

Prosecco vineyards on the gravel: Le Grave

Borgo Malanotte is a small village in the Grave, in the DOC Treviso area. It looks like the time was stopped here, in its streets. A venetian Villa looks the Borgo, just few steps from it, surrounded by the vineyards in the gravels of The Grave del Piave. “Grave” in the local dialect means a terrain made of gravel. Well actually the word sounds more … Continue reading Prosecco vineyards on the gravel: Le Grave

The festival of the Quince

Codognè is a small town in the DOC area of the Prosecco, This village is famous for the production of the quince. In autumn people come here for the festival of the quince, when jams, cakes, liquors made of quince can be tasted with Prosecco in front of a superb venetian Villa. Exhibitions of wine makers, artisans and tools of the country attract tourists on … Continue reading The festival of the Quince