Misty Prosecco, foggy Treviso

Treviso is the capital of the Province where the best Prosecco vineyards are located. The town is just 25 miles far from Venice and the influence of the “Serenissima” domination is evident in the narrow streets paved with stones and the canals of the two rivers, the Sile and the Cagnan.

Misty Treviso: Christmas lights on the Sile

Even in a winter night walking in this nice town may be surprisingly pleasant. The fog is less frequent than in the lagoon, but you may be lucky and feel a romantic atmosphere walking in the mist.

Palaces and villas facing the rivers are mostly restored and give a sensation of being in another age. It’s a totally different feeling than in the Prosecco hills where the nature is constantly discussing with the needs of the agricolture.

Narrow stone paved streets run down to the Sile river

In Treviso you can understand how the Republic of Venice, under a domination time of more than five centuries, used to shape the architecture of the conquered inland towns.

Coffee has been first imported in Europe by venetians: in Treviso you’d be able to taste a very well done espresso

The Republic of Venice decided, in the sixteenth century, to move the vineyards of Glera from the land of origin, the Istrian peninsula, today shared between Croatia and Slovenia, to a place closer to the lagoon. That was the beginning of the story of Prosecco, when vineyards were planted on the first hills just before the famous Dolomites Alps, between Treviso and Vicenza.

Treviso definitely worth a visit even in a foggy winter night, crossing the bridges, looking inside the windows of bars and osteria.

Misty Treviso will convince you to step into its nice bars: this is Piola, a famous Pizzeria, on the way to the Santa Caterina Museum
Surprising glimpses while getting lost in the town centre of Treviso

A good tour may start from Piazza Burchiellati, to the Pescheria, an island in the middle of the river that is used for the fish market in the morning. The visit continues to the Piazza dei Signori with the medieval palaces of the Government, then to the Calmaggiore street with the best shops and windows under the porches, ending up to the church of Duomo.

The water is a symbol in Treviso: many square shows nice old fountains

The main advice is the same as in Venice: get lost! You’ll be surprised by nice and unexpected views.

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