The best Prosecco Wine Bar in Treviso

What is the best osteria in Treviso? Where I can sip a glass of Prosecco? Avoid the touristic places, try to enter in the bars where “trevisani” use to meet. The typical osteria of Treviso is very similar to the “Bacaro”, the venetian name for osteria. You’ll enter for a glass of wine, this is a must, but also for some “cicchetti”, similar concept to spanish tapas, or panini with “porchetta” (don’t forget to pronounce those “ch” and “cch” simply as “k”).

Follow us in this tour and locate yourself easily the bars with Trip Advisor.

Inside and outside: the small Deli “Ai Naneti” is a must-do stop in a “tapas tour” in Treviso

One of the best is “Ai Naneti” (little dwarfs), where you can taste local cheeses, try for instance the Formaggio Ubriaco (“drunk”, seasoned in the grapes) or the fresh Casatella. If you prefer ham, try Prosciutto di san Daniele, or even the huge Mortadella on the bench, hand cutted with the knife.

Ai Naneti you have to try the huge mortadella

Everything you see in the osteria can be brought home: Ai Naneti is really a deli together with a bar. You’ll find a number of Prosecco labels, but ask for the Prosecco Tranquillo (plain) that is not easy to find elsewhere. Don’t drink too much, you’d better leave and stop a hundred meters ahead at another nice bacaro “Trevisi” for a huge selection of cicchetti served with different labels of Prosecco: every barman swear to serve the best Prosecco among the many available, you have to try more bars before to decide…

The other nice osteria is just in front of the Pescheria: “Muscoli”. It’s the place where the intelligenzia and the politicians of Treviso use to meet and discuss in front of a bottle of Tranquillo or Spumante.

Muscoli: the wine bar for the bohemiens living in Treviso

The selection of cicchetti is large enaugh to satisfy your tastes.

Don’t forget to stop for a coffee, since coffe has been imported in Europe first in Venice. Many coffee brands like Illy and Segafredo are still located in the area, but Dersut may be connsidered the Prosecco’s coffee, with its Museum located in Conegliano.

That’s my favourite baccalà and radicchio shop in Treviso, near the Pescheria, where I find some delicious Radicchio Rosso di Treviso (red cichories) cooked in different styles ready to bring home.

Baccalà (stockfish) venetian style and many kind of sauces made with regional vegetables IGP (appellation)

If you are a Millennial, or you just feel like, your short trip should end at two special places in treviso.

Prosecco selection in Hosteria Moderna will help you to expan your tasting experience

The new Hosteria Moderna , the preferred place for millennials loving vintage, traditions and gourmet burger served with a large selection of bubbly. Well, I must admit that I am a Generation X nevertheless I like this bar really much!

Not only Prosecco at Hosteria Moderna in Treviso
Liquors and Grappa produced in the DOCG Prosecco area available at Hosteria Moderna
Vintage motorcycles at Hosteria Moderna
The traditional way Venetian used to serve carafes of local wine

The second, last but not least, is the famous Home Rock Bar, but this is just another story, and another post! Stay tuned!


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