The best Prosecco Wine Bar in Treviso

What is the best osteria in Treviso? Where I can sip a glass of Prosecco? Avoid the touristic places, try to enter in the bars where “trevisani” use to meet. The typical osteria of Treviso is very similar to the “Bacaro”, the venetian name for osteria. You’ll enter for a glass of wine, this is a must, but also for some “cicchetti”, similar concept to … Continue reading The best Prosecco Wine Bar in Treviso

Le Rive del Prosecco

The “Rive”, the banks, are one of the best parts of the terroir of DOCG Prosecco Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. The DOCG protocols state that wines producted in this area may be exclusively appealed as “DOCG Prosecco – Rive”, because of their specific and unique features of orientation to sun, soil, difficulty of production, and, definitely, quality of the grapes.     Among the many roads that drives … Continue reading Le Rive del Prosecco

Brun: a must-go osteria

After visiting the Molinetto della Croda, you can drive, ride or walk to the village of Rolle through a tiny valley just in the heart of the DOCG Prosecco vineyards. Along the road you can meet several Osterias and Restaurant, but just one need absolutely to be visited: Ristorante da Brun. Just at the top of a short steep road, the Brun’s osteria meets you … Continue reading Brun: a must-go osteria