Wine tasting: uncorked the first Prosecco 2015!

A charity cheers at Le Manzane, a winery owned by the Balbinot family, located in San Pietro di Feletto, in the heart of the DOCG Conegliano Prosecco region.

LM Anna Balbinot, Ernesto Balbinot, Silvana Ceschin e Marco Balbinot_vendemmia solidale_6 settembre 2015
The Balbinot family in the Le Manzane vineyard

Prosecco365 have had the honor to cheers with the Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry 2015 of the winery. This wine is not just part of the production of Le Manzane, but a special harvest made for a charity event. In fact part of the proceeds form the sales will be donated to the Foundation Città della Speranza (City of Hope).

The grapes, actually, have been harvested on September, 6th, 2015 in a special event “Fair harvesting” a charity happening in the Land of Prosecco Superiore, the Prosecco DOCG region. More than 400 volounteers, wine lovers, together the children of the oncohematology clinic of Padua and their parents harvested the Glera grapes.

One hundred quintals of grapes have been harvested on a sunny and funny day and 9 thousands exclusive bottles of DOCG Prosecco have then been produced.

The bottle, the label, the cage and the cork, have been specially designed by the winery’s Suppliers for this charity event.

special bottle for this charity Prosecco Superiore

The oenologist of Le Manzane presented the excellent quality of the 2015 harvest, “indeed”, he said, “we have had the best grapes ever, so we have had no excuses to create the best wine ever”. The 2015 harvest in the DOCG Prosecco region put the wineries in the condition to show their skills. The 2015 harvest will definitely be a benchmark for the quality of DOCG Prosecco Superiore.

The cellars of Le Manzane are a fantastic example of Prosecco winery. In a underground building, recently built just under the hills of Glera vineyards, the first fermentation of the wine takes place in the typical huge steel tanks. After the first stage the wine is moved in the Autoclave, steel tanks where, under controlled pressure and temperature, the wine develops bubbles: the second fermentation.


A visit of the Le Manzane cellars, guided by the Responsible of the Production, definitely helps wine lovers in understanding all the features and cares that a good winemaker puts in creating the personality of a Prosecco. That definitely explains why a Prosecco is better than another.


Find info on Le Manzane winery at




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