Treasures in the cellar

Even if it still autumn, today is a cold sunny day: a perfect day for wine tasting in a winery. We choose a winery in the Grave del Piave, along the ancient roman road via Claudia Augusta, built by romans to connect the german city of Augsburg with the roman-venetian city of Altinum, the village who will origin Venice few centuries later.

47 Anno Domini is the name of this winery few kilometers far from Treviso

In the 47 B.C., in latin 47 Anno Domini, the via Claudia Augusta was finished, that’s why the winery got the name.

Scenic views from the balcony: vineyards and the Dolomites in the background

47 Anno Domini is in the DOC Prosecco Treviso area: the farmers here excell in organic coltures as well as organic wines.

The winery has a cellar, a wine shop and many rooms for events. The moder architecture gives to the place an exclusive touch.

The entrance of the 47 Anno Domini winery


Tasting their DOC Prosecco Treviso: bread and local soft cheese is the right partner


a ray of light on the treasure




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