Mount Cesen: the guard of the DOCG Prosecco hills

This November the winter seems to arrive earlier. After a day of heavy rains and winds, low temperatures, the nature seems to ask to the terroir of DOCG Prosecco to “go to bed” for some months.


The Mount Cesen, about 4,900 ft over the sea level, overlooks the valley of DOCG Prosecco, the first snow of the cold season covers the top of the mountains from 2,300 ft.

The DOCG Prosecco hills on the foot of the mount Cesen, the “Rive”, are protected by this giant guard against the northern winds coming from the Dolomites, another spectacular Unesco Heritage half an hour far from here.


From the Mount Cesen the Piave shines to the sun after the storm

Driving from Valdobbiadene to Mount Cesen definitely worth the visit, both in summer and in winter. The road starts just in the main piazza of Valdobbiadene, rises up to the coast of this big mountain. The panoramic road allows views of the Prosecco valley and, in clear days, until the lagoon of Venice. You can even see the cruise ships harbouring in Venice port.

The first snow of the season on Mount Cesen roads

Many tracks allow hikers to climb the Mount Cesen from the last vineyards of DOCG Prosecco up the the mid mountain’s village of Pianezze. Many Osteria’s and Lodges challenges the hikers with their offers of traditional lunches.

The yellow needle leaves of the larch is the only colour on the white snow

Among the many species of coniferous, the forest here is populated of larch, one of the most noble pine tree. With its tough and durable wood, you’ll see many lodges, huts and fencing poles made with this timber.

The larch can live thousands years, is very resistant to cold weather thanks to the fact that its needle-leaves fall in autumn after turning colour from green to a nice bright yellow. The larch prefers standing isolated, it doesn’t tolerate shades, some of them stands on the rocks in scenic positions.

Ready to fly: the Mount Cesen is one of the preferred place to jump with paraglides

Do not give up if you want to reach the top, it’s a tiring but easy climb, 4 hours long, and if you dare, the top is one of the best places in the region where to launch and paraglide back to the base.

At the top of Mount Cesen the view ranges from a fantastic view of the Dolomites, to the plan and the lagoon of Venice.

A comfortable alpine hut, Malga Mariech, offers lunches and dinners with self produced cheeses, yoghurts, barbeques and, never missing, a selection of DOCG Prosecco produced in the valley. Today the snow blocks the road to cars, and for this reason the Alm is often close in winter.


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